Hotel Heating & Ventilation

HVAC Systems

heating and ventilation as well as cooling are essential for a number of reasons. They enhance air circulation and therefore carbon dioxide and toxic gases do not accumulate in the room, a situation that may lead to health problems. Proper air circulation also ensures that the room is rid of harmful bacteria and rids the room of gases that may promote the growth of harmful bacteria. It is also good to have proper air circulation and purification to get rid of allergens. This is especially important when the room is used by people who have allergies, children, people with compromised immune systems and the elderly.

More information on heating and ventilation

If you are constantly travelling then you know the importance of a great hotel room. There are a number of basic facilities that should not miss in any hotel room. For example, proper lighting for the room, the bathroom, the reading area and outside the room are necessary in order to ensure that you can easily perform your duties even during the night. The reading lights should ensure that you do not strain your eyes as you read.

Other hotel facilities 

The modern hotel is expected to have a functional source of entertainment such as a television set or radio. This can be complemented with Wi-Fi to enhance access to different social media sites. Hotels that host business men and events should have excellent conferencing facilities that include high quality projecting equipment, high quality furniture, white boards or flip chart holders and well lit and ventilated rooms. 

Recreational facilities

There are two main reasons why people travel and prefer to stay in hotels. The first is to relax and have fun while the second is for business purposes. For the former, they will choose a hotel that will provide excellent recreational and relaxation facilities such as spas, swimming pools, different pitches for different games, a beauty parlour and a gym. While the hotel need not have all these, it should have a few of these facilities and make sure that they are well maintained.

HVAC systems also help in maintaining an appropriate level of humidity in the room in order to provide a great environment for the people living in the room. One of the main functions of the HVAC system is to heat and cool the room accordingly to enhance the quality of life of those using the hotel and its facilities. For example, during winter, the system ensures that the room is warm enough minimising the use of heavy clothing that may make it hard to carry out some functions such as cooking.